Best Protein and Energy Sources for Vegan Runners


Protein is critical for post-run recovery since it helps muscles develop and fix, but it can be a grey area if you choose to stick to a healthier diet, as the macronutrient is most commonly seen in animal products.

The great news is that a vegan diet may also be packed with this healing elixir too! Pulses and beans are protein energy homes and there are currently heaps of vegan protein powders offered by most good supermarkets. Protein powders utilize hemp, brown rice and even legumes as a protein source.

If you shop wisely you can also locate supplements without the additives many of the significant name protein brands comprise, which can be just another blinging bonus for your entire body.

For new vegans, maintaining a healthy calcium consumption after cutting dairy out of your diet can be the biggest challenge. Calcium is crucial for bone health, also for runners this is even more significant as our bones require a pounding from improved high-intensity workout.

We need between 1000 and 1200 mg of calcium each day for healthy bones, so be certain you add two to three portions of calcium-rich foods foods with each meal. Magnesium resources include almonds, green vegetables, legumes, legumes, soy milk, tofu and soy. Calcium tablets can also help to solve this component of the puzzle.

Taking additional supplements alongside a healthy diet can help you to reach your nutrient objectives. Following a plant-based diet can supply a certain level of minerals and vitamins, but it is crucial that you understand what your body requires. Iron, B12 and omega-3 are vital for body and brain health and may be picked up by many health food stores and pharmacies. If in doubt, talk to your GP.

We hate to be the bearer of lousy news, but just because a food group does not contain meat or milk, this will not automatically make it wholesome. Donuts and fries are on offer for the vegan runner, but when you ate them every day you would be in trouble. Much like non-vegan treats it still pays to be careful with your food groups. Attempt to keep a healthful equilibrium and give yourself a well deserved rest from time to time!

One of the chief challenges a plant-based diet may throw your way is limited options when eating out or catching food on the move. Avoid this pitfall by meal snacking. Keep a snack convenient, bring your own food in for lunch, or have a meal around for your friends for dinner. In this way you know you can always stay fuelled properly even when you aren’t in your home.